Displaying Markers on a Map

I have a map that opens up when press a key. It basically covers the whole screen and you can pan up down left and right.

I’m having an issue however getting to display the markers for player position and other character’s positions.

I’m currently using a 3D map ( a Camera above the world that renders to a texture ). Getting the positions of these objects is no problem. But I need their position in Screen Coordinates for the camera that shows the map, not the main player’s view. I can’t find ANY way of having it give me the coordinates in the map view…

There’s no way to get access to the projection matrix to do the math yourself. There’s no way to even build a projection matrix yourself. What can I do here? I’ve hit a wall.

I thought about a secondary way. I have an artist made texture that I draw instead of the render texture. My only solution for this way ( Which seems easier than the previous one at this point ) is to get the min/max X and Y values of the level somehow and use a scale to position the items in the map. It works well, I just have to get those min and max values right of the level… which I’m not sure that’s possible or not.

What could I do to get around these? Or what other ways could I attempt?

In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can find a way to replace the actors with a texture in the 3D map…

Hey, sorry i can’t help you but this is interesting if you make progress try to post it here :slight_smile:

So a question about rendering to a texture. Does it use a separate projection matrix and DPI scale when rendering? I can get the 3D widget working above their heads, but it’s offset and I can’t figure out what the correct way to fix the offset is… though I’m moving to 4.7.2 and apparently the 3D widgets are broke in there.

We have decided to go with a 2D version of the map since we can make it look much better and not as expensive. So I just need to figure out the size of the map to do that, or min and max values of X and Y. There are probably different ways to do it that might even be better as far as setting up a 2D map in any engine, I’ll look that up.