Displaying information on card

Hello, i’m trying to make a simple card game. I wish to display different information on cards with text and numbers.
So far i have made a simple animation on an Click event and a random material is shown.

How should i go about displaying the information. I want to be able to change individual parts of the image, the information, numbers and image. any tips in how i should go about this would be appreciated!

I don’t know if I would do it with “materials” that seems more complicated than needs to be. Each part of your “card” should be a component of a widget that can easily be changed/modified. Here is a tutorial I made you might find helpful as I believe it does what you are asking on a basic level. I created a dynamic standard deck of cards generator. So from a blank “card” widget I created an entire deck of playing cards by modifying the image displayed on the widget and a text box that would display the number or letter of the card. The link is below, hope it helps!

Also a timeline with a “do once node” is really poor logic. You might as well just connect the “on clicked” event to a sequence and have it do the switch on int right after it starts the timeline.