Displaying actual ingame speed or how to calculate it?

Has anyone figured out how to display your actual speed in game?
I tried setting it to not being show as a percentage value in the Primal Game Data Blueprint, but all it shows for a new pawn is 0.0/0.0.
Not very helpfiul.
I would like to mod my game to be able to compare speeds of different species.
When actually showing the actual walking speed, and not the multiplier. This would make comparing easy.

I get the impression showing the value will be impossible.
So as an alternative has anybody figured out: how to calculate the actual walking speed of a creature?
In each character blueprint of a creature and of playerpawntest.
I found in the character movement part the base lines for:
Max Walk Speed, Max Walk Speed Crouched, Max Walk Speed Prone, Custom Max Walk Speed, Max Swim Speed, Max Fly Speed

Then you get to the multipliers in the Character Blueprint:
Untamed Running Speed, Tamed Running Speed, Running Speed Modifier, Charge Speed, Max Speed, Max Speed Backwards, Gender Speed, Flying Run Speed Modifier, Extra Tamed Speed, Extra Un Tamed Speed,

And then those in the Dinostatus component.
Speed Multiplier in Max Value stats, Amount Max Gained, Amount Max Gained Tamed, Taming Max Stat Multiplier, Taming Max Stat Addition.

Also I have some values for Footsteps:Footsteps Max Range, Min Time between footsteps, and Min Time between footsteps running.
Are these related to sound or animations? Do I need to worry about those? Like make a raptor 10 times faster and his legs will indeed move 10 times faster so it it is not rendered sliding across the terrain.

I probably have missed some.

Now if somebody figured out the way to calculate each creature’s walking speed. I can probably recalculate and assign values so that I baseline the Max Walk Speed to that of a player and can use it’s 100% rate as reference point. So that when you view the speed of a dodo. It is more along the lines of 33% or something. And a raptor is 120%.
I would love to do this cause then when playing the game it is easy to get all your animals set a the same speed across species. Now 120% on a Trike and a Raptor means something completely different.

The same by the way for MeleeDamage is in order, but I figure than one will be slightly easier, found the formula on reddit.
So again setting each attack to the same damage and then reconfigure all the different multipliers and additions, will get me there.