Displaying a radius onto a sphere


So i would like to display a radius area onto my object, if it was a plane, i would simply create a circle mesh and scale it up to the desired radius.

But the problem is my object is a sphere and i don’t know how to work from there.

Is there a way to make it so my radius would follow the curves of the sphere ; or maybe have an effect/material that display only at the junction/collision of my object and another sphere ?

If you applied any material to that sphere, the best you could get would be something around the edges using depth fade or similar nodes…but that affect will only show on places where the sphere is…so it might not be what you’re looking for. If you want a filled in circle, then it sounds like what you want is actually not a sphere but a circular image applied to a decal that’s set to be the same size as your sphere…right? That’s probably the easiest way to set up things like an RTS target reticle or an AOE preview circle, etc, since it would project onto whatever it hits.

Ok, I don’t know how any of those work but at least i have something to start with, i think for this particular need, i will go with your second option, seems more like what i would like.

I will try to go and look for those.

I finally got time to work on this and the decal thing works perfectly, thanks again.

Only thing is that i can’t seem to prevent specific static mesh from receiving the decal at runtime which is a bit problematic, but other than that…

hmm…i thought you could toggle something that said “receives decal” on the mesh…but I cant remember. That might have been UE3.