Display1 completelly Black screen once unreal starts.

I currently have two Dell 2k Displays and an Nvidia 4070 graphics card with the latest game-ready drivers (536.23, released on 06/14/2023). I’m also using Unreal Engine 5.2.1. on Windows 11 (new install)

Whenever I launch Unreal, my first display goes completely black. In the past, I could sometimes bring it back by using Alt+Tab and closing Unreal, but now that doesn’t seem to work either. Everything remains black.

I attempted to update my Nvidia drivers, but the problem persists. To better illustrate the issue, I recorded a short video with my phone:

This situation is very concerning since I rely on this computer for my work with Unreal, and I’m currently unable to use it.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance.

Thank you.