Display touch indicator on every touch

If you watch the following video you will see that every time the user taps a little animation is played showing exactly where the user tapped on the screen. What is the best way to go about implementing this in engine?

I have been able to get this to work most of the time by adding touch input handling the player controller but when the user taps on a UMG widget that consumes the touch event the player controller doesn't get the event so the animation doesn't play. I did some searching and I can't find any good solutions that don't involve modifying the UButton code or making changes to all of the custom widgets I have currently in my game.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

The solution to this problem in case anybody encounters it is to use a subclass of IInputProcessor which gets a chance to handle all touch/click/input events before it goes to slate & umg.

The header looks like this:

class FYourInputProcessor : public IInputProcessor, public TSharedFromThis<FYourInputProcessor>

    virtual bool HandleMouseButtonDownEvent( FSlateApplication& SlateApp, const FPointerEvent& MouseEvent) override;


FYourInputProcessor::FYourInputProcessor ()

bool FYourInputProcessor::HandleMouseButtonDownEvent( FSlateApplication& SlateApp, const FPointerEvent& MouseEvent)
    //Put your custom input handling code here


TSharedPtr<FYourInputProcessor> InputProcessor;

if (FSlateApplication::IsInitialized())
    InputProcessor = MakeShareable(new FYourInputProcessor());
    FSlateApplication::Get().RegisterInputPreProcessor(InputProcessor, 0);

if (InputProcessor.IsValid() && FSlateApplication::IsInitialized())