Display text on the UI?

Are there any good tutorials for displaying text above Actors and text in the characters HUD?

The content example package has plenty of little levels with different game mechanics which are highly useful. I believe there is one called Blueprint_HUD which should give you some indication of how to go about that.

To display text above Actors you need to use Trace() and Project(). Trace and cast the result to Pawn. If it is then, grab Pawns location → Project it and adjust Y value.

I am also pretty sure that there is now a TextComponent that you can use with yours actor.

Don’t know what is the better solution, in UDK there was only the HUD solution and maybe also the ScriptTexture (wich was not the most efficient solution indeed).

Great, I like Trace, useful for telling the player what they’re looking at. Really want to make a sort of particle effect around their target, that would be epic :smiley: