Display Text Notification on Pick-Up?

In the Example Content, when you pick-up a coin, it adds one to the score and a message pops up saying that a coin has been collected. I’ve been trying to replicate that in my project but cannot for the life of me see where this is referenced in the examplecontent and I don’t have the slightest clue how to pull this off. This is my current blueprint. If anyone could help me out, It’d be much appreciated.

The Blueprints you probably want to take a look at in the Content Examples project are BP_Pickup_Parent and BP_Pickup_Child_Coin.

The BP_Pickup_Parent is the base for the specific pickups (coin, health, cupcake) included in the Content Examples. It has an event dispatcher called “On Picked Up”, which essentially lets the pickup report when it has been collected. The BP_Pickup_Parent is where the “when the trigger sphere detects an overlap, report that I have been collected” behavior is set up.

The BP_Pickup_Child_Coin inherits all the Blueprint script from BP_Pickup_Parent, so it knows about the “On Picked Up” event dispatcher. In its EventGraph, you can see that an extra event is bound to the event dispatcher. This means that whenever the trigger sphere detects an overlap, and the “On Picked Up” dispatcher is called, the coin-specific “Pickup Grabbed” event prints the “You collected a coin!” text.