Display skeletal mesh from a list

Hello, lets say I have 4 skeletal meshes in a list. And based on a keyboard input, display the mesh in slot 3 and hide the meshes in slots 0,1,2, and 4. Eventually the list will grow bigger, but the meshes will keep their position in the list.

How do I do this with blueprints?

Use the Set Skeletal Mesh node to set a specific mesh. If they are in a list you get that list via the Data Table node i think, and then you can add a Get Row Node which can be a string or name. You can also combine this with a Switch on Int, and set the Set Skeletal Mesh node for each Node. So you maybe need a Loop to get all rows, from the list, then make an Array filled with the rows. The Array row value should include a structure i think, which you can break to get the mesh.

Thank you so much for the advise, I’m trying it out. I’m new to blue prints, I’m have trouble seeing how these connect up.