Display score in 3D widget?

I’m creating a very simple game of throwing balls into a box. I have a widget floating above the box, I want it to count the number of balls in the box (as you score). I’m confused about how to use variables.

I have my 3d widget set up with a text box that is bound to a function. This is where I’m lost (even after scouring through online tutorials :/)

This is my event within the box BP:

I need to now send a signal to my widget BP to check and update the score based on that variable. But have no idea how. Help? I’m not sure how to reference the widget BP, which I guess would be the first step. But I will also have to somehow execute the function within my widget that the text box is bound to.

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Thanks so much! Worked like a charm.

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Do you remember what the fix was for this? The solution is now deleted.

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