Display Morph Targets on Sequencer Viewport?


I’m little hopeless when I watched a Youtube tutorial of the date April of 2017 about how to display morph targets in Sequencer Cinematics because it’s says that unfortunately today there is no way to display Morph Targets in the Sequencer Viewport.
Also I was reading all documentation of the forums and other answers/questions hub. And I could’t find the solution.

I want to clarify that my intention is render the video sequencer from the Sequencer Viewport.
Unless that it could render from In-Game (I mean, after Play Button), is there any update for this issue in UE v4.19?

Thanks in advance.


I found an alternative way better than rendering on Viewport; getting better results and with morph targets working.

Thank you anyway.

Can you be more specific ?

Sure. But next time for some users, don’t understimate to others beginers users. Anything that could be (karma level or whatever), when somebody ask a question and nobody answer, then the new user gets discouraged.

But for not to get lost from the main subject, what I did was create this level blueprint:

Before play the “G” button, I run the game without any cinematic running.

At runtime, I press Windows+G, then will record the video (even with no cinematics). While Windows is recording the game, when I press “G” it plays the cinematic. So the cinematics, with morph targets functioning through anothers blueprints that I’ve created, will be recorded.

In my case, this is the blueprint that I’ve created for Morph Targets works.

The video recorded can have screenshots not wished at the beginning and at the end. In this case I had to fix with a software for video edition.

That’s what I did to solve my problem.