Display message from Buff?

So far the player uses an item which puts a buff on them that does a bunch of stuff with particles and what not. Is there any way for that buff to display a message to the player and/or the server? I was using ‘Print String’ to display the info, but I realized that doesn’t work in the actual game.

Also, is adding items via a child of PrimalGameData_BP’s Master Item List considered “clean”? I didn’t see an Additional Item Entries like there are for other things.

A message can be displayed when the buff is applied. I haven’t really toyed with the various things buffs can do on their own, I and a few others mainly use them because replication does not work with UI’s so an intermediary is needed.

It’s preferable to not use the master item list, it’s fine to use it for testing in the devkit for rapid tests for minor/quick changes, but the main reason why it shouldn’t be used on live mods is because the client is updated almost every week with content additions and the 229 update will be updating the master list with all items.

Basically what happens is when one or more items are bound to the same ID, they cancel each other out, and because we get every few updates rolled into one our PrimalGameDatas don’t have the correct items so your mod cancels out the default item on clients. If that makes sense.



HUDMessage is what you are looking for if all you need is a client side message for the user the buff is being applied to. This is in the buff actor blueprint.

And if you need a server-wide message, you would add this to the event graph of the buff actor blueprint:


Print string is purely for the editor to help you debug while in PIE.