Display leaderboard Issue

Hi guys

I have seen through a few threads on the topic of Leaderboards but still I cant seem to get this to work.

I have a button in BP that fires on click the “Show Platform Specific Leader board Screen” and then

Category name : HIGHSCORE

then on the leaderboard map under android platform


and I have the id from google play leaderboard.I also have called the leaderboard on google play console HIGHSCORE

I also have made sure Enable Google Play Support is on

Yet it still wont fire on the mobile device?

I also downloaded Tappy chicken and switched on its Google play services and it too didn’t show a leaderboard?

any ideas?

I am having the same trouble on iOS.

Does ID match that which is in google play? Google play does not allow custom ID’s. It generates on for you. And you must then instead use this ID in read, write leaderboards and achievements.
So first do google then apple.
Because apple is kind enough to let you specify your own ID.

THanks will try this:)