Display images from two cameras on two separate monitors

Hello community,

I have a question about a problem that has been discussed many times, but has never been solved satisfactorily for me. But maybe someone could help me with his knowledge.

I have two cameras in the virtual production environment, each equipped with Vive trackers. I want to show the images from the cameras on two separate displays. The image of the first camera on monitor1 and the image of the second camera on monitor2.

I have tried with nDisplay, the problem is that the image of the cameras can not be separated on one display, instead the inner frustrum overlap and intersect.

I have talked to experts from the film industry and they agreed that this is not possible natively in 4.27 and UE5. They see two possibilities.

In the newer versions of Unreal they would set up two instances of Unreal each with a camera and connect them to a multi-user server. For frame synchronization they would use a hardware sync (RTX A6000 with sync card).

The second simpler solution would be UE 4.25 with the Custom Config (TextEditor). I prefer the “simpler” solution, of course.

I think they are talking about the Config file from nDisplay?

On the internet I have seen some tutorials on how to create the config file. However, it is not clear to me at which point of the config file, I ensure that the image of one camera on monitor 1 and the image of the second camera on Montior 2 is separated?

Maybe someone can give me a tip or give his opinion on the subject.

Thank you very much!

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