Display images for happiness! (Forums' suggestion)

Hey guys, how’s going?

I’m here to talk about the forum itself ? sorry, this is the best section that I found.

So, I have nothing bad to say about the quality of Epic’s products. On the contrary, I just have good things to spread out and about. What I have to say about the forum is just a fancy improvement: avatars! It’s bad at all if you enable to us, users, use display images? I think this way the board let all the “grays” (yes, the color) down and bring some funny up. How much human the interaction are, better place to live in we’ll have, don’t you agree?

And one more thing since I’m already posting: isn’t interesting at all an area to talking about 3D questions? Like Maya/Blender-related-to-UE4 subjects? I have some doubts and I don’t know what’s the best place to post.