Display Different Widgets with same button

Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks in advance for reading this. Highly appreciated.

Second, here’s what I’m intending to do. So basically, I’ve got a quest log( widget with an image) which I’d like to update when i get to certain points ( which will be triggered by a box trigger,obviously). I’d also want the quest log to be able to be displayed and closed whenever I pressed the assigned button. In our case, ‘J’.

So when I press J once, i get the quest log, then I press it again it will close. But when I overlap with a certain trigger, I’d like the old widget to be replaced by a new one ( basically an image switch), but which has the same toggle thing as the previous one.

As a note, my ‘Quest1’ bool is set to true by default, Toggle Quest1 + Toggle quest 2 are also true. Quest 1 is set to false only when I overlap the ‘quest update’ trigger box

Issue here is that the first quest log works great, but when I overlap with the specified box, no widgets appears. Not even the first nor the second. If I don’t add ‘the remove from parent node’ in the first pic, my first widget would still appear and be togglable even if I overlap with the box.

Please, I’d really make good use of a helpful advice over here. It’s a fairly important aspect of my game!

Here’s what I have so far…

Hi I’mevil50,

I got your message on the other thread (you can PM me on the forums at forums.unrealengine.com for future use). I will take a look at this when I am able, though I cannot guarantee it will be soon. In the interim, try posting this on the forums, many of the developers in the blueprint scripting section are happy to help!

Thanks ! I’ll be trying my luck over there, too.