Display chosen answer letter in a Quiz (display A, B, C, D letter)


I am developing a really simple HUD for decision making in unreal engine 4.26.2. It is more like a Quiz. The player will get a question and he or she can choose a good answer from A,B,C or D.
In the WidgetBlueprint I’m using widget switcher and after the player has chosen from the A,B,C,D answers (on the first page) then after clicking the sign on the next page will confirm your choose. On this widget page I would like to display the chosen letter A,B,C or D. Any suggestion how to solve (I mean display) this?

Cheers, Máté

All you want to know is how to display the letter?

If you have an image of each letter, make an Image widget, and set its image when you want to using the “Set Brush from Texture” node.

Otherwise, use a Text widget and set its letter using the “Set Text (Text)” node with it.

Hope this helps