Display ammo count on HUD (I've tried everything I can think of)

Really hoping someone can provide some insight into this problem. I’ve got a WeaponBase BP that stores quite a bit of info including my Variable for Ammo. Now I’ve set it as Instance Editable so that I can change ammo amounts in each of the child BP’s.

I can then check the ammo count and continue firing or stop firing if the count is zero. It’s working great for each of my different weapons and printing the ammo count correctly based off which weapon is selected.

Where I am struggling is getting the ammo count to appear in the HUD widget that the player character spawns on BeginEvent.

In the HUDBPTextFunction screenshot I feel like that “code” will work…if only I could figure out what to plugin to the Object field.

Anyone have any ideas for me? I’d love to place the Ammo variable in the PlayerCharacter BP but then it wouldn’t be easily replicated to different weapons like it is now.

Hi @Casper35th

is really simple,
You need to reference an actor,the actor of your gun
you can store the gun you spawn , and feed it in,

How are you managing weapons?
do you spawn and attach them?
How many weapons do you have?

You can make a cast_to_desert_eagle Casto_to_rail_gun … one for each gun actor you have
You can make all weaponps change the same variable somewherelse and use that in the hud