Display a widget on user login

I’m beginning to wonder if this is even possible. So far, the server either crashes, or simply nothing happens. I know that I have the right event, but for the love of me I cannot get the correct owner of the widget down. Maybe somebody can help me out.

I’m currently using TestGameMode to fire the OnSpawn even for ShooterCharacter. I’ve tried owner controller, playercontroller, playercontroller_child, going through the gamestate/playerstate, shootercontroller, shootercharacter, I’ve tried using a custom function in playercontroller_child, I’ve tried giving a buff to the spawned player and using the buff itself to launch the widget… I’m just at a loss with this whole controller thing.

If anybody could point me in the right direction for this, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve read lots of articles on controllers, gamemodes, gamestates, etc, but for this widget I just can’t get it to not crash. It does work perfectly fine in the dev kit, so maybe I’m just hitting the local playercontroller on accident.

Thank you

can you post your blueprint so we can see where you are stuck at?

This is basically the idea, but I’ve tried pretty much every combination I can think of for different controllers, casting, authorities, etc.

The logic works, if I add a buff to myself I’ll see the duration on the buff. The buff method works when I call a UI from a structure, but the exact same formula just doesn’t work here.

The Create Widget is a bit non-intuitive. In my experience widgets work best if you leave the Owning Player empty. Also you should look a the Discord post in the stickies. You’ll get much more timely help through the Discord chat channel.