Display a message outside of the door you're opening

I followed a tutorial of making a door that opens with the F key and added in a text render that pops up when you enter a trigger box. What i’m trying to do is have a trigger box on each side of the door so that no matter which side it is you are trying to use it from, it will display the message on the correct side. I know I could do this in the level blueprint, but i’m doing this for learning purposes and wanted to know how I would do it inside of a class blueprint. I’m sorry if this a simple question that I just missed the answer to.

What I have so far:

Thanks in advance!

I do need 2 messages but I have no idea how to attach a message to 2 different trigger boxes inside of a class blueprint. Im new to this kind of thing, so explain as well as you can. I cant find a way to “link to” 2 different trigger boxes and have them display a message in 2 different places

I take it you are trying to make it visible in the world rather than make it a console log type message. You could have 2 messages for your blueprint. One on each side of the door. The only other option I can think of would be to set the location and rotation of the message relative to the door depending on which side triggered it, but its easier to just have 2 messages.

Your blueprint should have 2 trigger boxes. Select Box1 (or whatever you call it) and right click to add the overlap events. Then Select Box2 and right click to add the overlap events. The events for box1 should affect the first message (which should also be inside your blueprint) which is on the same side of the door as the first box. The events for box2 should affect the second message on the other side of the door. Use the component mode to get everything placed in the proper location.

Im not sure what I was doing wrong. I went in and did it step by step and it worked out perfectly. I dont know how I was trying to go about it but the way you went into doing it helped me out. Thanks so much!