Display 360 STEREO photosphere - daydream


Is there any easy way (the one without modding engine) to display 360 STEREO photosphere in the android build (targeted for daydream) as skybox ?
There is no problem if this is MONO photosphere, I’v just crafted sphere with right UV and put it around my scne, but with this approach I loose paralax since only one eye from the photosphere is displayed.
Is there any trick to display left eye of photosphere into the left eye and right one to the right ? (As I think of it doing so is not enough, since if the mesh is in worldspace the projection matrix for left & right eye will shift already shifted photosphere :/)
Any solution for this ? (beside creating own vertex factory with vertex shader that does not use stereo pair of projection matrices, and uses original projection matrix instead to avoid paralax on already ‘paralaxed’ input).

Basically I need photosphere as my background (shybox) and be able to compose scene inside it …

As a post-mortem - I did it hard way (own vertex factory (based on localvertexfactory) that is aware which eye is drawn and adjust UV.y (photosphere have 2 images stacked top-bottom) and also manipulates the view_projection matrix in a way that allows me to cancel the paralax effect applied by HMD) ‘some’ amount of code must be written, but without engine modification this time :wink: