Displacement map on Alembic animation possible? back scatter possible?

Hi Guys

I am noob in UE4 and trying to replicate my character rendered in vray. I have made some progress but found a few problems alone the way:

1.displacement map not showing on the alembic mesh ( I know the vertex are all baked and imported as animation and that’s maybe the reason but is there a way to apply a displacement like a layer on top or something? UE4 is able to tessellate the animated mesh though and the displacement map did blow it up a little like usual. However the detail just won’t show up.)

  1. no back scattering at all. ( I compared the ue4 new sss profile with the famous Jorge Jimenez’s ssss code and found a lot of lines missing.)

I will be much appreciated if anyone can give me some guidance in getting around these problems. I have searched a long time now but no luck.