Displacement map causes mesh to distort


Im having some issue getting my displacement map to work correctly. In the material editor it looks great with the displacement map creating the 3D quality i am after. When i apply it to a mesh the mesh totally distorts and it is not accurate.
I think it has to do with the fact that the meshes imported are triangulated from the UV unwrapping process. My knowledge on UV wrapping / unwrapping is minimal so if someone could shed some light on this that would be great. Alternatively if there is some kind of a work around that would be great.

I am a bit of a noob so if you could explain it as simply as possible that would be great.

I have included an image showing the effect of the material with the displacement map on the mesh and a wireframe of the mesh showing the triangulation.

Thank you !

Thanks Ninjin,
You seem to be my life saver. Can you take it one step further and explain to me step by step how to do that? like i said i am a real noob at both ue4 and 3ds max.

Your topology is optimized very well, but if you gonna use displacement your topology needs some adjustments. Try to to divide your mesh uniformly, so that you don’t have a variety of small and big tris. And yes, this will increase your vertex count, but your result will be much smoother.

Sorry Ninjin,
My 3ds skills are rather rubbish. Do you think you could bare with me and explain to me how i do that?
What i have been doing is modelling in sketchup and then importing into 3ds max and then exporting through 3ds max TS_TOOLS as fbx for UE4. Sketchup is the only software i comfortably know.

If you could walk me through dividing the mesh uniformly and have it come through the other end of TS_TOOLS looking as clean as yours that would be amazing. thank you

It will look something like this:

You can see when I manually try and UV Unwrap the mesh it automatically triangulates it… Using TS_TOOLS automates this process across multiple meshes saving me a lot of time. are you aware of a setting where i can change it to be divided uniformly as it goes through the TS_TOOLS plugin?
Sorry to bombard you with requests etc.

This has nothing to do UVs. My picture shows the mesh with its vertices. I have zero knowledge about Sketchup, so I have no idea how you made your mesh in the first place. How does Sketchup even work, can’t you divide a plane or box? That’s a pretty basic function.

I downloaded Sketchup and from the first look its working entirely with n-gons (google it). I don’t see any functions where you can divide your meshes easily. Cut tool seems to be the only tool that can divide your mesh, but there are better tools in every other 3D application that can speed up the process.

So, back to your pictures. You need to learn some basics of 3D modelling for games (generic link from my 30 sec google search). Especially when it comes to triangles, quads and n-gons. Then you will notice that Unreal will triangulate your model from Sketchup / take your n-gon model from Sketchup and split it up.

Hey thanks for your reply,

So it looks like there is something happening as I import the mesh from 3ds max to UE4. Please look at the images. do you know what might be happening in the import process in UE4?

Yes i understand the differences between triangle, quads and n-gons. and i notice that Unreal is triangulating the sketchup model. What i need is a solution to this problem…
I cannot control the fact that these models are being made in sketchup. I would have to totally remodel the design in 3ds max in order to make it import into ue4 smoothly and i dont have the time for that.

Is there somewhere in the 3ds max or UE4 import / export process where the meshes can be converted from n-gons or triangles to quads?

Quick update,

I went into sketchup, created a cube. exported that as a .3ds then opened it in 3ds max and exported it via TS_TOOLS plugin. That seemed to come through ok without any triangulation distortion of the displacement map…
I will try it with the mesh I used as an example in the morning. Im too tired now. Will report back tomorrow with an update.

Thanks Ninjin