Displacement for large objects

Hi, there is a topic an amazing example of parametric work.

But the question of mine is how useful is this? Will it be ok for ArcViz in Unreal to build the entire ceiling in this way just a texture and a displacement? How the lightmaps baked on it will works? What about the performance of such an approach?

I think because of how extreme the displacement would be on that there would be some issues. What I would do, is make a low poly version of that (might simply be a mesh with the displacement applied at a low subdivision level) and then you could bake normal maps or you could bake small-scale displacement for that low-poly mesh. That would allow the default mesh to have a silhouette that’s much closer to what you want it to be, it should look fine from normal views below if you use that plus normal maps.

I’d use POM for that kind of detail.