Displacement and Blending


I need a little help,

I am working on a landscape, which is a mesh not a landscape layer, So I can use this in UE5, but I am working in Ue4 atm with plans to update to UE5 once its ready.

So I have not used landscape instead I have used a mesh I built in blender,

My issue is that the my textures are working fine and I have got them working nicely using a splat mat to separate them. So I have three main textures, Grass, Scree and Rock. they work great my issue is that displacement is not working. I can’t get it carry through the blending. I have tried having separate layers for the displacement and bringing them in, but the displacement is huge and not detailed, so my textures look flat, and I can’t not figure out how to make it work. I have watched like 100 hours of videos on it, and everyone of them has different idea on how to do it, and none of them work.

I have tesslation turned on in my material, and I have crack free turned off, but its still not giving me the details it just displaces the whole thing. I am at loss and no idea why it won’t just blend the same way everything else does. Is this something I am doing wrong, or is this another one of these EPIC problems?

thanks for you time