Figured i’d blog some development on this project. Was originally made for the January 2015 #UE4jam. Now porting it to the Rift and with leap motion support. The rift version is available now, and have just taken a first shot at leap motion integration.

Download available here: https://share.oculus.com/app/dispersion

2015/02/08 - Leap Motion Integration starting to work a little better now:


Original build:

Leap Motion support begins (with really broken raytracing at the moment, but world rotation is sorta working):

I also accidentally posted this in the incremental game section of reddit during feeback friday. not sure how that happened, but in hindsight, it might actually be pretty cool to make this an incremental puzzle game.

anyhow, development continues…


[video]Protostar Demo: UE4 & Vulkan API | Unreal Engine - YouTube

leaps and bounds beyond Dispersion, but still reminds me of this exploding-rebuilding cube game i play from time to time… :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t wait to see these mobile features available for development!