Dispatcher Problem (talking to level blueprint)

Hey guys,
i´m working now a while on a VR Project.
What i´m trying to is, to create a menu in which i´m able to start animation´s over the
level blueprint. My probleme here is, i can´t communicate from the widget blueprint to the level blueprint.

I thought, maybe its because i don´t spawn the widget itself, i´m using an Actor in which the Widget is.
Honestly i dont really know why it´s not working.

Level blueprint:

Widget Blueprint: My Widget is Called “VRMenu” - My Actor is called “VRMenuAktor”

Spawn Actor (i saw, most people add the “Bind Event to Dispatcher” after the Widget creaton, so i tried something like that)

If you need to have more informations, just ask.

Sorry for my bad english^^