Dispatch event from another application.

Hi, I have some question. Let’s supose I have Unreal app, and the app is running. Is there any way to call some event in Unreal app from another application for eg. build in Electron without deploying custom service?

One simple way to do it is to have the calling application write a string to a shared file location that both applications will know exist (like Documents/YourCompany/Game) and have your Unreal application look for that text file on a timer, like every second or so. When it detects the file and reads the string, it can execute a function based on the string. For example, in Photoshop you run a script that updates an image and then writes a text file to Documents/YourCompany/Game named ‘ImageUpdated.txt’. Every second your Unreal app checks Documents/YourCompany/Game for ‘ImageUpdated.txt’ and if it sees it, it reads it and executes a switch on string - if the string says ‘torso’ then it will update the torso bitmap. If it says ‘head’ it will update the head bitmap. Something like that. Then it deletes said text file so it won’t execute any functions again until it sees the text file again.

Again, this is a really simple and asynchronous way to do something like this, more of a workaround, but it does work. It also assumes that you have some control over the other application that you can make it write out a text file after performing another function. This may or may not work for your specific scenario, but hopefully it gave you some ideas.

If you do choose to go this route and don’t want to get into C++, you can read and write text files using Rama’s Victory Plugin among other solutions.