Dismemberment and Bonebreak system (replicated)

This is the show case video for the new asset for dismemberment and Bonebreak

Finishing of some little touches before submission - shout out and let me know your thoughts,


Fully network replicated
Full body damage system with Individual bone health
Body part dismemberment
Bone break
Knock out on bonebreak system with replicated ragdoll (Experimental)
Physics based and blended animations allowing for effortless animation updated based on characters damage state
300+ animations
Movement speed penalty system
90 Deg turn in place for stand, hop and crawl
Example weapon system
Easy to customise animations
Ragdoll death
3d Aim Offsets
Walk, hop, crawl, one arm crawl
Particle spawn integrated
IK Foot system
Velocity based lean and tilt on movement
Male and female HUD with damage markers
Bone break hit reactions.
Component Driven
Wandering AI for target practice
Bone mapping data table with dismemberment matrix so you can configure for any skeleton
Upper and lower body configuration based on state to allow for easy changing of animations.

Experimental features do not function as intended but will be completed if the demand is there

some images to get us started