Disk Writing Functionality

What sort of functionality will we have pertaining to disk writing capabilities? Are there any security limitations that we should be aware of?

Reason I ask is because in UE3’s unrealscript, the range of disk writing capabilities was limited to saveconfig, BasicSaveObject, BasicLoadObject and to a much lesser extent, FileWriter. But these were all very limited in their abilities and usage. And of course there was certainly no way to delete files in unrealscript (unless you used DLLBind, which was more of an end around a means, desynchronized with unrealscript in terms of speed, and was restricted to 32-bit applications).

Now knowing this, what can we as programmers expect in the way of using UE4 to write data to disk? Are there any limitations or security models that are carried over from UE3?

If I were to turn this sort of meta question into something resembling a feedback suggestion, I might suggest enabling users to have a finer degree of granularity over the ability to write to disk within UE4’s programming framework.

Direct filesystem interactions are accessible via the IFileManager interface. There is a global instance of a file manager named GFileManager and some helpful static wrapper functions in FFileHelper. It should be known that your ability to write to disk and/or location you are allowed to write may vary on different platforms. Limitations are only imposed by the platform.

SaveConfig is still available as well.