DISHONORED Teleport system theme

Hello! I am creating a game using a similar teleport system as Dishonored! If you would like a tutorial showing you how I created this, “FOLLOW THE LINK and UP-VOTE” to help make this game playable. Once the game is complete I will upload a tutorial showing everyone how to create this same system in blueprints on my Youtube channel.

In Blueprints, there is a node literally called “teleport.”
Try that.

teleport is easy, i dont know if teleport where youre aim its easy

My version is a bit different and has a few checks, things like that. If this game is greenlit I will provide a tutorial showing you step-by-step how I made it.

it’s actually easy enough, just do a trace for objects, the use a teleport with a select vector and if blocking hit plugged into it, get the last know good location without blocking hit and hey presto! :slight_smile:

Might want to look for votes on subreddit playmygame, people are here to exchange info not outright solicit exchange of votes for code :wink:

I have to agree with Inph1del. This somewhat goes in the direction of “get something in return of a greenlight vote”. Not too fond of it. Use a line trace or the (get actor location + forward vector/control rotation forward vector * distance) in conjunction with the set actor location node. This will literally teleport into the direction the pawn is facing towards. Below I made a simple script with two variants. One taking the pawn’s forward vector into account and one taking the player’s view rotation into account. Play with the distance around and make it fit your needs.


The effect uses line-of-site, which leads to believe its moreso accelerated movement + motion blur effect, than a true teleport effect. Temporarily Accelerate Player Character Movement + Move To BP Node + Motion Blur Post Process.

Man please share how to do it

Please man