Disgusting pop-ups

Recently ads “by adsupply” keep popping up when I watch videos on YouTube.
Sometimes these ads can be found on some websites especially Amazon and eBay.
The PC starts responding slowly and the browser often crashes due to the emergence of the ads(look at the image below).
I tried to check the problem online and many tech-supports (like this topic)](BIZZBY - On-Demand Services - Professional Cleaners, Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Beauticians And More. | BIZZBY - App Your Service ®) reveal that the system could be infected by adsupply malware.
Is this serious? How can I fix the issue because the Windows Defender detects nothing.

No script for firefox is nice, but you are using only windows defender?

Have you tried running malwarebytes? It’s pretty effective from what I hear.

yeah malwarebytes is one of the best for getting rid of things

+1 Malwarebytes… Not a fan of the direction Avast are heading, and AVG just avoid!

Avast started deleting program files on me in uni, 3ds max is a virus apparently. Never using it again.

Yes, cause I have no idea which security tool is the most useful. Btw, McAfee is so bad:eek:
Of course, I will consider the malwarebytes, thank you guys!

You may need to check list of your browser plugins/addons/whatever-they-are-called. Something could’ve installed you an addon without asking you first. Had this happen in chrome once, saw it happen on other computers too.

If that’s system level malware (one that works with “hosts” file), then it is a job for your antivirus program.


If you need to get rid of it now…
Use this FREE disk by Kaspersky. Kaspersky Rescue Disk 18
It is the best I have used! And use Linux to serf the net if it really bugs you!

One more reason I never turn off AdBlock since years ago :slight_smile:

I also encounter with these pop ups often…really hate these…

The link you have there will help you fix the issue. Usually this is a browser/ toolbar/ extension “infection” kind of thing. Slightly different from a virus.

The key is checking all the add-ons and plugins in your browsers as per the link and so on.

Good luck!

Download adwcleaner and malwarebytes.