[Discussion] Horror and Open world games survey

I am doing research for my game and could really use everyone’s help in answering a few questions I have in order to make a better game. The game is open world similar to that of the Elder Scrolls series with questing but in a horror style. I want to make a quality game and I have most of the main mechanics already set up I am just looking for any extras I may have forgot or missed. Thank you for your help.

  • What is your favorite Horror game and why is it your favorite?
  • What is your favorite open world game and why?
  • What elements have you seen in horror games that really got your heart pounding?
  • What elements have you seen in open world games that made you feel a part of the game?
  • What mistakes do horror games seem to make in your own opinion?
  • What features turn you away from open world games?
  • What are your three top fears?