discussion hardware - august 2020

Hello everyone,

I create small VR project in UDK. I will buy a neu notebook for a new small (but bigger than now) VR project, will spend 1500-1800 $ or €. for the new project I also have to buy the index-VR (its other budget, the first one is only notebook).

I have to choose wise between red or blue for CPU, red or green for GPU, waiting for new gen or buying now. I hope for your help. I asked it already on reddit but didnt recive an answer so I ask it again, here.
It may been asked here for 1001 times, but not for me. So thanks for discussions and tipps in advance.

CPU: I know is AMD is better on almost every discipline, but singlecore speed. RAM binding should be shitty on AMD. But! what is used by the UDK? which processor is better and why?

GPU: I hope for release new generation in september. I expect bad AMD drivers for windows and bad Nvidia drivers for linux - so maybe I will decide the GPU in dependance on OS… Nvidia may perform better (again). What is today known about the new gen to answer two questions:

  • is AMD or nvidia better for creating VR content in UDK? Looking at the new GPU generation.

  • is it all worth waiting or should I buy the actual gen instead?

TY, Markus

What is meant by “RAM binding is ****** on AMD”? What are the stars saying? bad, good, some other expression?

Why are you using UDK and not Unreal Engine?

Wait a bit because the new graphics cards are coming. Also, why are you getting a laptop and not a desktop? If you’re looking for a portable solution that might be a pain to deal with if you’re using the Valve Index headset which requires separate tracking hardware to be set up. The Oculus Rift S can plug in to the computer without any extra power cables or sensors so it’s much more portable.

You can build “tiny” desktop PC nowadays. Look into those, they are so close to laptops in weight and size.

every core of Ryzen has access only to a part of the processors cache. So, 4 cores? then every core has only 1/4th of the processors cache to work. Bindind to RAM modules is also worse the intels CPUs.

My bad. Im using unreal engine 4.16 now. Im speaking about UDK and mean unreal engine or unreal editor. Sorry

I need a mobile computer. Have to take the “power” and show the progress or ideas somewhere. Not many people or places are ready for VR. I dont need the accu - so a desctop replacements are exactly what Im looking for. But, maybe you give me a idea what you mean (maybe a link). TY in advance, Im open for good suggestions.

TY, rumors about new navi or nvidia say ~50% faster than 2080Ti. And dedicated RAM up to 16GB. Its a big step. But when will we see those as mobile versions? December 2020? I want it now…

I used the HTC VIVE classic before. Sure, its a little pita to setup but I like its precision (lighthouse). So i want use lighthouse - its “able” to be mobile enough. Its a compromiss - using my favorite for price of comfort. An other point is, the index is much better then other VR solutions in case of using by multiple user. Fast head adjustment, easy cleaning etc.

And I looking for laptop ( desctop replacement) because of mobile solution.

So I ask again, what is better to use to create content (here: only VR) with unreal editor / engine 4+ ?

  • red or blue?
  • red or green?
  • buy now or later?
  • the new one: “how” mobile? desctop replacements are the only one thing I know to grab my project, and show it anywhere.

Thank you,