Discrete maths - where to start?

Hello so I watched one lecture on the topic and it seems to me that it is a useless piece of **** that is just an overcomplicated version of if/then statements and boolean variable that has no reason to be teached in CS and has no use.
Pleasw shine some light if it is going to be difficult and different than basic if/then

Discrete math is crucial - logic, graphs, probability, …

Is it difficult? Not to me.

It’s absolutely essential for any form of math related engineering. If you have a good grasp of calculus, it’s pretty much the same difficulty with more emphasis on thinking outside of the box. If you’re only good at “plug-n-chug” style math and lack critical/creative thinking, you’ll be in for one hell of a time…

It depends what you want to do in UE4 (and other engines). If you want to design levels, make 3d models, create gameplay elements in blueprints, or anything like that then no it’s not really that important.

If you want to be a programmer then yes it is crucial knowledge. If/else/switch statements are fine for basic programming but if you get into developing systems for rendering, physics, data structures, or real-world based simulation (to name a few) then discrete mathematics, as well as math such as algebra, calculus, and trigonometry are extremely important. Without knowledge of discrete mathematics (and math in general) you will struggle with most intermediate to advanced programming.

do i need to know calculus for discrete maths? What are the pre requisites

can it be learnt over a period of just 3 months, given that I ll have 3 more units?

Unless you have some specific goal or area to focus on, the best thing is to get a few books on calculus and algebra and check them out.

3 months? Well, if your goal is to learn what engineering colleges teach during the first couple of years, then … I have no idea since I don’t know what are your learning capabilities.