Discrepancy of Bool values.

The background is I have a TMap on my gamemode (created in c++) and a TMap in a data asset that is part of the Dialogue Plugin. In a function I have that calls correctly, however there is a discrepancy between the values of the game mode and what my function is telling me they are set. If I throw a print before set boolean (by ref) using the GameMode’s WorldConditions TMap (yes I know I accidentally said array in the comment), it will first say report as false. Putting a print after the the set boolean (by ref) will give me the value of the dialogue boolean (which I’ve set all to true for testing). The problem is if I pause the game after the booleans have supposedly been changed, looking in the details tab they say they have not changed.

During runtime I’ve paused, then set the GameMode booleans to true, which has stopped the set boolean (by ref) from being called so I know it’s accessing the runtime gamemode instance
I’ve also set up a check in the tick of the GameMode blueprint, which will print a message if the boolean is set to true, which never calls after the update bools function is called and the messages print they have indeed been changed.
The only other oddity I’ve noticed is that the second message (telling me the updated value) prints before the first message (which gives me the original value)

I apologize if I skipped over any details or if I’ve just missed something dumb and right in front of me. I also checked and made sure both of the gets for the values were not copies, and were indeed get by reference