Discrepancy between tutorials video and my Unreal 4.6

I am working through the “Introduction to Blueprints video” Turning light on with level blueprint.
The instructor asks us to select “Edit level blueprint” in the blueprint drop down. I don’t see that “Edit level blueprint” in my Unreal 4.6. All I can see is “Open Level Blueprint”. If I assume he means Open Level Blueprint and click on it. A blueprint will open with an existing blueprint in there. But because it is an existing blueprint the “Event Begin Play” is already hooked up. And I am unable to use it with out disconnecting the current blueprint.

Can some suggest what the correct work flow should be. I understand that this video was created using a earlier version of Unreal. Maybe I should have just rightClicked to create a new blueprint ?

See the attached image. It is a screen grab of what the instructor was instructing me to do.

if eventBeginPlay is already hooked up to some nodes, and you want to keep that functionality and add more nodes, you can connect your new logic to the end of that chain of nodes, so it gets called after those nodes.

or you can add a sequence node after event begin play. this will allow you to have multiple outputs that fire off, one after the other, instantly.

I have since discoverd that if you watch all the tutorial videos about Introduction to Blueprints video" it will give you some obvious clues about how to work with this tutorial even though there is a big discrepancy between the versions of Unreal.

I think Unreal should mention this in a footnote with video since it is so out of date.

Thank you for replying this is good information.