Discount Management Tool seriously bugged

We are unable to participate in the Tentpole Summer Sale due to these Discount Mgmt Tool UI issues


  1. Scheduled a discount for the Tentpole Summer Sale
  2. Tried to edit one of the percentages but the UI was completely confused and kept editing another product [i.e.: standing in the box of product A but the percentage changes in the box of product C]. Tried to sort in various ways to find the real order of the percentage boxes without success.
  3. Decided to cancel it so we could resubmit with the correct percentages but the TentPole Summer Sale option is no longer available (we are still before the deadline at the time of writing this) as it seems the cancelled record blocked it.

Please fix the UI ordering issue as that has been present for ages.
Or at least allow rescheduling TentPole sale event if the previous version was cancelled.


Hi there!

Thanks for flagging this our way! We’ll be more than happy to look into this further if you could submit a private discussion through our “EOS Help” page, with the product ID and the amount of the discount you’re looking to apply as we may need to make manual adjustments on your behalf, depending on the investigation.

Thank you in advance!