Discord self learning/teaching group for beginners

So, before I start off, I am aware that there is already an unofficial Discord server for Unreal Engine developers.
Non the less, I am today opening a discord server that serves a similar purpose, but is still very different.

Hello, my name is Aaron, I’m 25 and I’m getting into Unreal Engine 4.

So, I’m opening a self learning, self teaching discord group, especially for beginners who for example:

  • struggle to get into basic things about Unreal Engine
  • want to learn as a growing group because they have time and want to be more in touch with people and have a fun time
  • want to address questions via live chat
  • want to teach others by talking, writing or even creating tutorials
  • want to create projects for learning purposes so that others can also get into those.
    And many more things…

Already interested? Join us and have a look:

Want to know more?
Until right now, everything is an idea. It doesn’t matter if, or if you don’t, have any skills.
What I can tell you is that besides the discord group, I’m trying to establish a small community. There will be a website in (hopefully near) future,
which will hopefully address the group and more of what i and others have in mind. But like I said, it’s an idea and things will have to evolve before I can talk about more.