Discord integration for realtime voice chat

Hey people,

I was wondering if there is any out there project using Discord as realtime voice chat platform…

If not, it may be a good idea to make a plugin out of it!

There are several abandoned projects of Discord to C/C++, and there are at least two C# port projects for it…

Any ideas or references?


WOW crickets on this one, and this is a very good topic. Did you have any luck on finding any voice chat stuff?

Discord are working on an API for integration directly into games. You can request beta access if you so desire.

I wouldn’t expect to see a plugin for UE4 until this is out of beta.

Ive actually made a Discord Plugin for UE4 4.15 working on updating some things, im using it on my personal project. I may put it up like I did my Twitch Plugin soon. I`ll let you know <3
**PS I have a WebSocket Working for the Voice, but I havent finished the Actual Audio Portion yet, working on that for my Gameshow.

I was looking at the Discord SDK as a potential path for a voice chat solution within our multi-player Android game. Is you plugin is for PC?

I really hope this gets a plugin. Having a voice chat that isn’t tied to the online subsys would be great, and discord is amazing… :slight_smile:

The current implementation of unreal engine’s voip is tied to online subsystems, but that doesn’t mean it would not work without that. The problem with using external solutions is that security will become an issue. If you focus your interest in game solutions, you are better of with pure voice capture/encode implementations where the audio is available internally for use it with the engine’s audio system.