Disco Moving Light

at the moment the disco light is looking to the player in the game, which works good.
But I want a setup to look to an animated target point.
Need help for this setup, thanks a lot.
Bye, Christian


Fetch the animated target point exactly the same way you get the head or arm in your blueprint. But instead of player pawn, you add a reference to what ever is holding the animation point.

I have created a matinee actor with an animated target point (position) but cannot add this matinee actor to my moving-light blueprint or the components list of the blueprint.
Reference ? How can I do this ?

Add a variable “Matine Position Actor” to your matine actor in your disco light. Set it to editable.
Add your light to the level and your matine actor.

Open the level blueprint.
In the level construction event:
Select your matine position actor, right click and select “add reference to Matine position actor” select your disco light. Do the same. pull a line from your disco light, and search for the node Set Matine Position Actor. Connect the Matine Position Actor to the input. And make sure it’s all connected.

Use the variable Matine Position Actor in your blueprint above, and query the information you need.

I am not sure if this is the right way to go about this.

If the matine actor is not in the level but should be part of the disco light.
You could in BeginPlay use the spawn function to create the actor. And set the value of your Matine Position Actor to this instance.

pull a line from your disco light, and search for the node Set Matine Position Actor. /QUOTE]

After setting the two references in the level blueprint, disco light and matinee actor, I stopped because I cannot find this node, see above.


Did you add a class variable of the type MatineeActor in the Moving Light blueprint, clicked the eye icon next to it so it editable and compiled the blueprint?
If you do then it should appear in the list. :slight_smile:

I have double checked all the steps you wrote and all is fine, but the node “set matinee position actor” will not appear :confused:
Any ideas ?
Thanks again

I have solved the problem after some tips from TheSpaceMan and tutorial watching.
Now the moving light is looking to my target point, which is animated inside of a matinee actor.
So the moving light is constantly in motion.