Discipline The Noobies!

Alright sooo… I must admit I’m a noob, but I’m slowly learning my way around ye 'ol engine.

Any tips, suggestions, etc. The wise advice ye ol’ mentors could give to us fellow noobies who are trying their absolute hardest to learn everything we need?

I constantly find myself struggling over everything, I want to do one thing but it always never works. Huh-aha! But, I guess that’s how you learn.

Any advice or suggestions on Level Design/Animations/Lighting/Post Processing/Modelling/Inputs/Platforms, etc. you could have us noobies learn from your wisdom?

I’ve been trying to design my HUDs and first levels. My first level is a blank grass field (bland), my second (main) is my home base which doesn’t have too much and now I want to start on my 3rd level where it can be more advanced and interactive and animated.

I’ve learned fair knowledge of Daz 3D and I’ve been doing web programming my entire life; 16 years and counting (I’m 27) and that’s where my favorite field is but I want to advance into Modelling and Game design. I wish to merge my love for the webster gangsters and make it very interactive with thy headsets and them fancy ol’ controllers on the consoles. Programming is my life mission (but I’ve played with C++ too much, I want to learn ye Blue Prints).

Teach me ol’ wise mentors. I shall be obedient when come need to learn. Fore, I am a pupil at your disposal.

And DO NOT try to build a twin stick shooter…everyone post that the character snaps to a facing, no answer is ever made. For some reason it seems to cause problems matching up with ANY tutorial (like making shotgun spread the vectors arent right… UGH)

Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube everyday to help build my knowledge. What do you mean by a “twin stick”?

So far my character (what’s programmed); I can look up, down, left and right. When I use the PS4 paddle I use the left analog to move around in all directions and the right analog to look around all directions also.

But, there’s one thing bothersome, when I applied my character to the game I now can’t look up and down. It’s weird.

I figured a twin stick shooter would be an easy forst project…so I designed it for mobile.
Left stick moves the character, right stick make him face AND fire.
And it just works REALLY weird.

Left stick movement was easy, but FACING always tends to either: snap back to 0°,90°,180° when released. Or the tutorials to make it hold position leave weird dead spaces. For longest I couldn’t look straight “down” but you could slide through it…
i also wanted you to face the direction you were moving if not actively facing a direction. So I made a function for the facing (same thing I used for facing already on right stick)…I attached a branch at the end of movement and fed in those sticks (they have to be inverted but no big deal) worked PERFECT character doesn’t even snap back to an axis. Copy the function into the facing with right joy stick area to clean up the code…doesn’t work.

Any tutorial that gives an example of “get player character” for some reason I have to select “get player pawn”


Copied a blue print many people said worked PERFECT for shot guns…and it does everything right except it will only fire off into a certian rotation based on world rather than actor (which I find REALLY weird since it has actor transform and rotation set from a scene component “barrel” attached to end of the shotgun…

See my bare bones here:

There’s a few videos I posted so some friends of mine could see…things are kind of coming together… Especially now that I have event dispatcher figured out…and I just got a bunch sfx, bgm.
Epic games added few characters to the “free” one being a gangster…I might use it’s mesh. Hoping it has an animation for holding a pistol (why the animation starter pack doesn’t…?)

​​​​​​​Then I need some levels…