Disc Jam!

Welcome to the Disc Jam official thread!


What is it?
Disc Jam is a competitive multiplayer action sports game built for casual and competitive gamers alike! More info here

How do I play it?
We are hosting our first public pre-alpha this weekend: Feb 13-14! More info here

Where do I get the pre-alpha build?
Sign up on our website and you’ll receive a steam key to download Disc Jam! discjamgame.com
Can I see some gameplay?**
Sure, guy:

What are the controls?
Check out our info card for everything you need to know: How to Jam

I have an opinion! I (love/hate) something about this! What do I do?!
Disc Jam is very early in development. We look forward to sharing our progress and building a community to participate in the game’s development. Please engage us on our forumsor right here on this thread!

Wanted to share some gameplay

Disc Jam is developed for online play but plays great local as well:

Better be facing the disc when it’s time to catch it!

A wide array of power throws to turn the tables:

I could watch this loop for days:

HAHA,…that is AWESOME!!!

Already voted for it!



That looks really good, you gonna bring it out for Mac too?

Thanks, we’d like to bring it to all the platforms we can! One of the great things about UE4 is how easy it is to build your game for multiple OSes. We’re focusing on the PC release right now but there will be exciting news on the platform front soon!

Good luck with it!

One question, I really feel that your characters are familiar…Idk if I saw it before or I know the creator :smiley: who/how made them ?!


Our characters are done in house but are definitely meant to have that easily identifiable look. We want them to be kind of whacky cliches of prototypical comic/game type heroes.

As you’ll see in our trailer breakdown, the Icon in Icon: Disc Jam is all about the characters!

Thanks for the reply, I’ve to admit it, the characters giving it too much appeal :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words! It’s really encouraging to receive positive feedback on the stylized look of our characters.

Stay tuned to our dev blog for announcements about our ever growing cast of characters. Our next character reveal is right around the corner!

Here’s a look at our new charging animation, we added 75% more silly:

Just wanted to share a quick progress update.

We just announced we’ll be in Epic’s booth at IndieCade next week! Come check out our first playable demo and pickup some sweet Disc Jam swag: Here Are the Must-See Unreal Engine Games Coming to IndieCade

Also, we’ve added several power throws so keep an eye out for our dev blog post on curves, lobs, and wall-hugging special abilities.

Long overdue progress update:

We’ve been Greenlit! Thanks to everyone who voted. We talk about our wonderful IndieCade experience in our latest blog post: http://www.highhorseentertainment.com/indiecade-wrap-up/

This looks awesome!!! Congrats on the greenlight. Just wondering, how long would you say it took to get greenlit?

I’m all about anything that even remotely resembles Wind Jammers. Take my money.
Also, how about getting some insanely ripped lady-bear athletes in there?

Steve_T: Many thanks! I believe our greenlight was about 3 weeks. We didn’t do a ton of press leading up to it but we were counting on IndieCade pushing us over the hump. Our up-vote success rate was significantly higher than average but driving traffic is always the biggest hurdle.

Spectronaut: hahah great to hear! to answer your question, we’ll be doing character reveals leading up to our pre-alpha (sign up here). our next 2 Icons are female and beyond that we have a pretty exciting roster of characters in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Holy cow how’d I miss this game?! This looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it. Tried to vote but for you it turns out you don’t even need my vote :slight_smile: Signed up for the alpha mailing list!

Holy cow how’d I miss this game?! This looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it. Tried to vote but for you it turns out you don’t even need my vote :slight_smile: Signed up for the alpha mailing list!

Thanks You should have received your key this afternoon. We’re going to be playing all weekend so hopefully you have some time to check it out!

Play Test Announced!

Hey everyone! If you wanted to check out Disc Jam now is the time. Our first public playtest is this weekend. More info here!

It reminds me windjammers , the Neo Geo game :slight_smile:

If anyone is having trouble redeeming their key you can check out our support thread HERE

Yesterday’s playtest went GREAT thanks to everyone who played. We had people matchmaking all over the world and our players have already started generating amazing feedback. Our second starts at 12pm PST today so come check it out!