Disbale Camera for Texturing via CLI

Hello everyone,

is it possible to disable specific cameras for texturing via the CLI?

Thank you!

Hi Lukas
For now not as a direct command, but you can select particular images and set ENABLE TEXTURING AND COLORING to FALSE, then export XMPs and reuse the XMPs, as they contain the setting to not use them. Look at the screenshot.
Are you using CLI for full-body scanning or anything else ??



i actually know this way, but i don’t want my camera pose to be fixed in the system.
I found this option when exporting the xmp file. :smiley:

Thank you!

Hi Lukas
Look carefully at the XMP file with a good text editor and you can alternatively edit your own XMPs just for disabling them for coloring/texturing. It would work if you just export them as a draft…