Disappearing Meshes


My Skeleton Meshes with a Animation are disappearing by watching in a specific Angle.

Here is a GIF: Screen capture - 2096fe66ae5f399d3dbaaf86fff99429 - Gyazo

Im pretty new to UE4 so this could be a noobish Question.

thanks in advance,

This is just a guess, as that’s not something I’ve really noticed before. But I’d said look into your distance in your LOD settings in the mesh? As it appears to be only that specific mesh so I can’t say that it would be a clipping issue with the camera, instead it’s probably your mesh is being disabled due to LOD settings when it gets far enough or close enough?

I had something very similar once with some dynamically spawned StaticMeshes but darned if I can recall what the problem was :frowning: If I do though I will come back.

So in my case it had to do with using instanced meshes that were not getting set with a proper static mesh value for some reason: