Disappearing mesh with fracture mode

Hi all,
I have an issue with the fracture in UE 5.0.1 : the mesh disappears when I click on “new” in the fracture module to generate the geometry collection. It’s not true for all meshes but for the rocks meshes i need in my project. Am I the only one in this situation (I couldn’t find a solution on the forum or the internet) ? Do you have any solutions ? Thanks !

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Same for me. Works for basic meshes, but for imported fbx, it disappears once ‘new’ is clicked. Still voronoi colorful domains are visible. No impact from material change or fractures parameters altering.
EIDT: to be precise it disappears after clicking on “Create Geometry Collection”

EDIT: Adding UV unwrapping data to FBX file and re-importing seems to solve this one for me.

I’m having this issue as well now

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Hi I have the same problem I click “new” and my static mesh disappear
please I need a solution and am I the only one in this situation

I was having the same issue but the way I fixed the issue was by disabling nanite on the mesh.


What you wanna do is press the New button, the scroll all the way down to utilities and press “to mesh” (the 4th button under utilities i think) and there you go.