Disapearing modular assets for a pawn.

For some reason when I attach other modular skeletal mesh assets they disappear from a far distance did anyone run into the same problem? If needed I’ll just record a video and show it.

Sounds like those items are culled. You can set cull distance for those meshes, or have to adjust your cull distance volume if you have one. However, there appears to be also a bug in the latest versions, which culls large items, which can be fixed by restarting the editor.

Alright I’ll check for culling variables obviously I know I have to go that way searching for clues… LOL

Perhaps by the bounds, I have this in the pawn mesh:


this use the bounds assigned in the editor, instead calculating them using the physics asset. That improves the speed, but can make dissapear the mesh.
In the components I have:

with the same effect.

Ok will check. It is pretty weird I’ll send a video if possible.

Yes my friend, just like said @CobaltUDK it has to do with BoundScale of SkeletalMesh Component.

My way of solving this problem, is just set on my enemies’ pawn class this property:

  Begin Object Name=WPawnSkeletalMeshComponent
  End Object

You can play with the values to see. But I am 99% sure that this is the problem.


Copy that ppl. Thanks

After messing with a lot of variables it’s fixed all of em bound something I’m not sure which one. Thanks.