"Disallowed words in screen name"

Can somebody explain to me why trying every single iteration of “EpicWinNoob” with dashes, underscores and rearangements gives me this error when trying to create an account.

I finally ended up Acronyming myself, but It is just confusing to no end why it was acting like I was trying to name myself something vulgar.

It probably had the word “noob” banned.

Doubt it.

I believe that only Epic staff can use the word ‘epic’ in their user names.

That’s almost certainly the cause. It’s to prevent someone pretending to be Epic staff.

I’m not on the Accounts team or familiar with the naming requirements, but I suspect this is correct at least to some degree. If you’d like to ask about your options, you can contact the accounts team here:


Yeah the word “Epic” is banned because the system told me Epicwizardcat was banned

why is spikez diss allowed