Disabling rotation from movement input?

I’m trying to disable rotation from movement input in order to control it directly. The camera is locked on a target and the pawn rotates towards the target. Basically a lock on system much like a Souls-like. Currently my rotation is being locked to the target through interpolation, but because the movement input is stronger than the interpolation it allows rotation when the character is moving and locking on. Once the character looks towards the target it is locked correctly.

How can I disable the rotation that occurs when moving with WASD?

Movement Section:

Rotation Section:

Use Controller Yaw is disabled

create a boolean var (Rot Disabled). Add a branch after input (rot disabled). False -> Add movement input

When you lock on to target set Rot Disabled to true. Don’t forget to reset to false once you’re done with the lock on functionality.

Found the solution. In the Character Movement Component there is a setting called “Orient Rotation To Movement”. So I just toggled it when locked on.