Disabling Push Force on Pawn

I have a character pawn that when attacking can push other pawns away.
See linked clip below for a better idea of what I mean.

This is unexpected behaviour.
What I have done to try and stop this:

  • Significantly (0) reduce Push force on character movement component
  • Set collision capsule physics to ignore on sword mesh, sk mesh and capsule component for all pawns
  • set collision to query only (no physics)

The above changes did not help and I can literally bump a pawn off the map with an attack. Its not every attack and more often it causes a hop than a massive bump but its still unwanted behaviour.

I have googled around a bit and seen some mention of this possibly being a UE4 bug but not sure if that’s exactly the same issue I have here, I’m hoping it’s something much simpler (most likely).

Any suggestions?

Linking a short clip illustrating me triggering this hop and bump on both allies and enemy pawns.

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Hi man, from here is almost impossible detect the problem , as you said yourself, the “bump” does not happen at every contact or attack.
Look like a collision problem to me,
sometimes your animation move something in the other shape …

try breaking down your blueprint,
if you delete the knife it happenz anyway?
if you delete you char mesh?
do you have any effects spawn that can cause stuff?

Maybe you can try adding to the enemy a hit event, and using that, discover who is that hit him ?

Same issue, Do you have any solution?

Been a while since I posted that but I believe it was a collision issue that I later fixed. I think it was the weapon mesh itself causing the problem.

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